Armour Square Vespers & Ill Tempered Lancaran

Audio Samples

Armoured Square Vespers
Ill Tempered Lancaran

Composed by: Nathaniel Braddock (b.1971)

Composed in 2004, these two pieces reference directly and indirectly, traditional Indonesian music. The prelude, "Armour Square Vespers," is wash of microtonal chords drawn from the Javanese pelog tuning. It gives rise to unexpected harmonies and beating patterns. Written for improvising guitars, it plays with incessant chords with attention to silences and declamations.
"Ill Tempered Lancaran" is based on the traditional Javanese lancaran form – a dense patterning that is an aural equivalent to fractal-like nesting. The nested time cycles interlock in a way that mirrors the complex system of nested Javanese calendars – ancient time-keeping systems that have deep cultural, historical and metaphysical meanings.