Music from "21st Century Music"

Picture Perfect Life

Composed by: Felix Salazar (b.1978)

Written for and premiered by Los Angeles Electric 8 at the 2008 MicroFest , "Picture Perfect Life" explores the sounds of 36-tone equal temperament tuning (the octave divided into 36 equa... listen »

Rational Basis

Composed by: Bill Alves (b.1960)

The title “Rational Basis” (2011)  comes from the fact that its pitches are based on ratios, that is, integer proportions of frequencies between the different guitar stri... read more »

Río de Porciúncula

Composed by: Felix Salazar (b.1978)

Written in 2012 for eight trombones (Los Angeles Trombone Collective) and eight electric guitars (Los Angeles Electric 8), "Río de Porciúncula" is inspired by the once abund... read more »

Shady Option #1 For 8 Guitars

Composed by: Gabriel Deutsch

Commissioned by the Los Angeles Electric 8 to be premiered at LA Phil 100: Celebrate LA - 9/30/18  A massive, free, eight-mile street party connecting Walt Disney Concert Hall and the Hol... read more »

Ten Finger Plead

Composed by: Eric Kiersnowski (b.1976)

“Ten Finger Plead” (2013) was originally inspired by the idea of shared rhythms and melodies. There are two sets of hockets in this piece; a fast moving hocket that is present through t... read more »

The Fog

Composed by: Jonathan Guillen (b.1979)

Written for Los Angeles Electric 8, "The Fog" (2010) is a mysterious cloud through which phrases emerge and fade away. It employs aleatoric techniques, using random procedures in the gene... listen »

Treasured Longing

Composed by: Jeremy Kerner

Written for Los Angeles Electric 8. read more »

Undertone Series, Variation 1

Composed by: Michael Uhler (b.1977)

Commissioned by Los Angeles Electric 8   “Undertone Series for 8 Electric Guitars” (2013) originally grew out of my curiosity to hear what the undertone series would sound... read more »

Warr Guitar Counterpoint

Composed by: Kai Kurosawa (b.1979)
Arranged by: Felix Salazar

Written in 2000, Kai Kurosawa’s “Warr Guitar Counterpoint” is a short piece inspired by Steve Reich’s Electric Counterpoint. Purchase "Warr Guitar Counterpoint... listen »