Suite Mundial

Audio Samples

Suite Mundial, Op. 10: No. 1, Preludio
Suite Mundial, Op. 10: No. 7, Balinesa: El Canto de los changos
Suite Mundial, Op. 10: No. 2, Javanesa: La danza dorada del gamelán

Composed by: Randall C. Kohl (b.1960)
Arranged by: Ben Harbert (2007); Felix Salazar (2010)

"Balinesa: El canto de los changos" and "Javanesa: Danza dorada del gamelán" are two short movements from Randall C. Kohl’s Suite Mundial (1994, 1997). Both pieces are influenced by the interlocking rhythmic patterns found throughout the Indonesian archipelago. While the latter takes its inspiration from Javanese court music, the former reinterprets Balinese kecak – a male chant form originally used in trance rituals, but more recently adapted into performances of the great Hindu epic, Ramayana. The suite ignites with the polyrhythmic fury of "Preludio."

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