Ten Finger Plead

Carl Pocket

Composed by: Eric Kiersnowski (b.1976)

“Ten Finger Plead” (2013) was originally inspired by the idea of shared rhythms and melodies. There are two sets of hockets in this piece; a fast moving hocket that is present through the entire piece, and a slower moving hocket that is more sporadic. Additionally, there is a slowly developing melody that is shared by three guitars, and accented by short bursts of a faster melody in the higher register. - Eric Kiersnowski
In music, hocket is the rhythmic linear technique using the alternation of notes, pitches, or chords. In medieval practice of hocket, a single melody is shared between two (or occasionally more) voices such that alternately one voice sounds while the other rests. Interlocking techniques are a prominent feature of many instrumental styles in East and southeastern Africa.